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Personal Hygiene Tips For Elderly

Personal Hygiene Tips For Elderly

The golden years of life often come with their own set of challenges, a common one being neglect of personal hygiene. It is common to see elderly people repeating their clothes, forgetting to bathe, having overgrown finger and toe nails, greasy hair, etc. However, personal hygiene is important for the elderly to stay healthy and keep infectious diseases at bay.

Following is a list of tips to help the elderly maintain personal hygiene:

  • Safe Bathrooms: Bathroom safety is critical for the elderly due to the fear of slips and falls. To encourage them to bathe often, provide some safety measures in their bathrooms. Install brightly colored handrails for elders who suffer from visual impairment. Fix raised toilet seats to make it easier for them to sit and stand comfortably when using the toilet. Stick labels indicating where common cleaning supplies like soap and shampoo are kept. Labels can be immensely helpful to the elders suffering from dementia. Other things you can do to make the bathroom safe is to avoid using bath oils, install bright lighting and keep toxic products like bleach & toilet cleaners out of reach.
  • A Routine: Seniors thrive when they have a fixed routine and know what to expect at different times of the day. As far as maintaining personal hygiene is concerned, create a routine for them to shower, change clothes, apply moisturizer, trim nails and so on. To make hygiene routines calming, play soothing music in the background, keep the room warm and keep towels & bathrobes handy.
  • Personal Preferences: Consider the senior’s personal preferences when it comes to dressing, hairstyle, accessorizing etc. Respecting their individuality is essential for mental well-being, self-esteem and dignity.
  • Accessible Clothing: Keep fresh, clean and comfortable clothing at a place that is easily accessible to seniors. Dressing involves fine motor skills and large movements which can be difficult for the elderly. So, encourage the elderly to sit in order to prevent slips and falls while changing clothes.
  • Overgrown Nails: Overgrown nails may lead to immense discomfort, pain and infection, if neglected. Trim long nails and smoothen rough edges to prevent injuries from accidental scratches. Nails should be kept dry as dampness can lead to fungal infections.
  • Toileting: Maintaining personal hygiene when using the toilet is essential for keeping infections and skin related problems away. For seniors with problems in the functioning of the bladder and bowel, care should be taken to ensure that underclothes and pads do not get wet as it may lead to skin problems such as rashes & infections.

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